title: THE STAY-AT-HOME MOMS SURVIVAL GUIDE author: ANNE VOELCKERS PALUMBO isbn         978-888580-05-1 media:     BOOK (230 pages, illustrated) pub:     1997 price:     $15.00    $4.00 This irreverent yet insightful book boldly goes where no "survival guide" has gone before, humorously tackling a host of provocative issues that plague today's stay-at-home mom: embarrassing language deterioration, annoying put- downs from working mothers, cool brush-offs at husband's office parties, intriguing repairmen, plummeting self-esteem, nail-biting boredom, guilt . . . and more! The author attacks these issues in plain language reminiscent of the wit of Erma Bombeck and the wisdom of Judith Viorst. Readers can expect to laugh out loud as they file away tips for future use. Above all, “The Stay-at-Home Mom's Survival Guide” is a wonderful humorous tribute to all the creative, industrious, important women of today who endure a life of self-imposed imprisonment behind drywall and siding -- and survive.
Parenting / Stay-At-Home Moms Survival Guide
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