title: ROAD MANGLER DELUXE (3rd edition) author: PHIL KAUFMAN with COLIN WHITE isbn         978-1-888580-31-0 media:     BOOK (368 pages, illustrated) pub:     2005 price:     $16.50 America's legendary road manager tells his timeless, unique story, from his early days of "road mangling" with The Modern Lovers and the original Flying Burrito Brothers, to the current art of "moving people not equipment." Phil "Mangler" Kaufman, the man who and stole and cremated the body of country-rock icon Gram Parsons, and who has been described as the entertainment industry's"executive nanny" by Mick Jagger, tells it all. The Rolling Stones, Frank Zappa, Joe Cocker, Etta James, Emmylou Harris, Elizabeth Ashley, Rosanne Cash, the Byrds, the Everly Brothers. All the classic acts are here, and each is served up with a side order of anecdotes and background stories. Kaufman even puts in a short appearance as Charles Manson's record producer (resulting in the original issue of Manson's "Lie" record album). There are some sentimental sagas too, such as the Concert for Manglerdesh fundraiser that paid for Kaufman's cancer surgery. The movie "Grand Theft Parsons" is a fictionalized version of the Gram Parsons body-burning episode described in "Road Mangler Deluxe." Here is what the two principal actors have to say about the book: Reviews . . . "Phil Kaufman is an amazing character. I mean, just the basic [Gram Parsons] story is amazing. . . . I read Phil Kaufman's book called "Road Mangler Deluxe" and he's lived five lifetimes. His whole life should have a movie made out of it, much less these two days." Johnny Knoxville (plays Phil Kaufman in "Grand Theft Parsons")  
Potpourri / Road Mangler Deluxe
Multiple Manglers and a few of his Mates . . . Frank Zappa, Bobby “Boris” Pickett, Marianne Faithfull, Willie Nelson, Etta James (in concert), Keith Richards, Emmylou Harris.
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