title: PEOPLE I COULD DO WITHOUT author: DONALD G SMITH isbn         978-1-888580-04-03 media:     BOOK (166 pages) pub:     1998 price:     $14.50   $4.00 Social observer Donald G. Smith presents this hilarious commentary on those annoying types that are guaranteed to ruin a party, wreck a sporting event, destroy a business negotiation and generally turn everyday people off their food. Readers will immediately recognize and roar with laughter at the author's description of bizarre and irritating people, and at the most effective ways of combating them. Included are: whiners, conspiracy freaks, yarn spinners, chiselers & moochers, losers, organizers, past-glory types, the bromide set . . . to name but a few. In the author's words, "If there is a tiresome and predictable thing to be said, someone will say it." About the various personality types, Smith notes, "What most of us hate about the cruel truth is the part about its being true." Donald Smith has written extensively for the “Wall Street Journal” and the “San Francisco Examiner.” Other pieces have been published in “Reader's Digest.”
Potpourri / People I Could Do Without
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