Ordering Multiple Items / Quantities
Ordering Multiples Because most of our online customers visit this website to purchase one item, we have used a single-item ordering system. This allows 95% of our customers to make their purchase in the simplest and quickest possible manner. Unfortunately, it forces those remaining customers who want to purchase two or more copies of a product (or more than one product) to make separate orders for each. This will also result in that customer paying more in shipping charges than necessary. If you wish to purchase multiple products or multiple quantities of a product, please contact us using the link-button below, and we will quote you the best possible price for your desired combination, and provide simple instructions on how place your order. By ordering in this manner, the ultimate transaction will be handled in the same safe and secure way as our single-item orders: no entity other than you and the automated PayPal system will have any knowledge of your card number & expiration date, your PayPal account identification, or any other personal information that you may surrender during an internet transaction. The only information that we at White-Boucke Productions ever see are the purchase items and quantities, purchase authorization code, and “ship to” address.   
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