title: MEDICAL BRIEFS (3rd edition) author: LAURIE BOUCKE isbn         978-1-888580-43-3 media:     BOOK (725 pages) pub:     2013 price:     $62.50 "Medical Briefs" is a comprehensive dictionary of approximately 64,000 easy-to- remember medical briefs and phrases. It is an indispensable reference work for reporting medical jobs, verifying spelling and supplying medical transcription. The dictionary is arranged alphabetically by English and provides one-stroke and two-stroke, conflict-free medical briefs. It contains terminology ranging from lay medical terms to highly specialized vocabulary. All steno suffixes are written in one stroke. The steno suffix KLAOJ represents four separate building blocks (chol + angio + jejuno + stomy) and potentially nine syllables and nine steno strokes. Suffix variations such as -tomy/-otomy, -emesis/- temesis, -lysis/-olysis, and -metry/-ometry/-imetry are provided. User comments . . . "Your books and CD's on briefs have given my wrists another 20-year lease on my court reporting life. Thank you!!!!" Steve Kosmata
Court Reporting / Medical Briefs
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