title: MEDICALLY BRIEFED (version 4) author: LAURIE BOUCKE isbn         978-1-888580-38-9 media:     CD-ROM (Windows 7 / 8 / 10) pub:     2006 price:     $85.00 A searchable computer database of over 64,000 conflict-free medical briefs and phrases. It is based on the book “Medical Briefs.” Searches can be done by English or steno as well as by words, phrases or both. Users can add their own briefs via the "My Briefs" feature and include (or exclude) these in the search database. There is also a collection of utilities and fun extras with court reporting themes, in the form of Windows wallpaper designs and Windows screen savers. NOTICE: PRIVATE RESALE White-Boucke’s Software Licensing Agreement allows a registered copy of this product to be resold one time only. Our installation database will be updated and a new customer “unlock” keycode will be issued upon payment of a license transfer fee and resale confirmation from both original seller and purchaser. Any subsequent resale will not be accepted for license transfer and no further “unlock” keycodes can be issued. Customers considering purchasing a used copy of this software are encouraged to contact us by e-mail to confirm that the copy is eligible for license transfer. User comments . . . "Your books and CD's on briefs have given my wrists another 20-year lease on my court reporting life. Thank you!!!!" Steve Kosmata    
Court Reporting / Medically Briefed
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