title: KILLER PICS author: WALTER “KILLER” KOWALSKI isbn         978-1-888580-18-1 media:     BOOK (112 pages, illustrated). LIMITED EDITION pub:     2001 price:     $47.50   $13.00,  autographed copy $30.00 In the middle of his pro-wrestling career, the legendary Walter "Killer" Kowalski, eight-time world champion, decided that he could far surpass the bland promo photographs that wrestling promoters used to advertise their events. For many years, he took his trusty Hasselblad camera and associated lighting and backdrop equipment to many venues in the USA and overseas. Walter would not only shoot his contemporaries in classic poses, he would also photograph "local color" and "targets of opportunity" -- from a study of insect behavior to the continuing signs of destruction in post-war Hiroshima. His book is a rare collection of his work. Each page provides a high definition reproduction of one of his photographs (both color & black and white), together with a brief description of the circumstances of the shot and any special techniques used. The book includes a piece by Evan Ginzburg, editor of “Wrestling Then & Now.” Related Product: In “Killer Tales . . . Killer Pics” , Kowalski gives a video interview about his photographic experiences and his ring career.
Potpourri / Killer Pics
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