title: HEART & SOLE author: DAVID STEWART isbn         978-0-9625006-6-4 media:     BOOK (234 pages, illustrated) pub:     1994 price:     $12.50 Singer-songwriter David Stewart tells with absolute feeling the true story of his 1,600-mile solo walk across America's heartland to fulfill his childhood dream of singin' at the "mother church" of country music: the Grand Ole Opry. With true grit, Stewart trudged through snowstorms, rainstorms, heatwaves, wild- dog attacks and supreme loneliness for four long months. His only companion was his little dog Snicker, who nearly died along the way. During the long trek, Stewart met with a colorful gamut of people, from rural locals to friendly truck drivers. A central theme is to never give up your dream, even in the face of great difficulty and harsh reality. Stewart candidly reveals the psychological struggles and joys he experienced on a daily basis, culminating in the highlight of his life. Reader Review . . . "David Stewart says he's proof that dreams come true. But it took him three months, 1,600 miles and six pairs of shoes to finally realize his dream. The Walking Cowboy has written about his trek from Gillette, Wyoming, to Nashville in 1988 to fulfill his dream of singing on the Grand Ole Opry. It all started with a passing comment to his wife that he'd walk to Nashville if he could sing on the Opry. A few months later, he was on his way with dog, Snicker, walking a lonely road to find a dream. It was a dream he'd had since he was 7 years old. He'd sung with a band as a young man and was never far from music. "I'd never lost that dream, but I had to support my family, too," said the Wyoming restaurant owner." Ann Franscell, ‘Wyoming News-Record’
Potpourri / Heart & Sole
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