title: CATEGORICALLY SPEAKING author: LAURIE BOUCKE isbn         978-1-888580-40-2 media:     BOOK (440 pages) pub:     2021 price:     $38.50 Back by popular demand, this realtime dictionary/study guide for court reporters has been updated to reflect with new technologies. This work is 4 books-in-one: Grammatical elements Topic Categories (includes medical, deaf/hoh, geographical, computer and more) Numbers and Alphabets (numbering systems with/without number bar, 16 alphabet styles) Lexicon of Word Associations (includes homonyms, antonyms, word families) User comments . . . "Your books and CD's on briefs have given my wrists another 20-year lease on my court reporting life. Thank you!!!!" Steve Kosmata    
Court Reporting / CATegorically Speaking
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