title: CATEGORICALLY SPEAKING (2nd edition) author: LAURIE BOUCKE isbn         978-1-888580-35-8 media:     BOOK (475 pages) pub:     2006 price:     $38.50 A thorough reference work and study guide designed to facilitate the learning of briefs, phrases and conflict resolution techniques for realtime writing. This book contains alphabets, antonyms, blind/visually-impaired nomen-clature, church/religions vocabulary, computer/internet terms, deaf/hard-of-hearing nomenclature, homonyms, medical terminology, numbers, prefix brief forms, Q&A shortcuts, stenonymns, suffix brief forms, word compacting strategies and more. User comments . . . "My favorite section of CATegorically Speaking is the lexicon of word associations where you can find great ideas for homonyms, antonyms, word families, rhyming words, etc." "I’ve told my colleagues to keep CATegorically Speaking high on their priority list. I’ve gotten major winners from it.”  
Court Reporting / CATegorically Speaking
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