title: CALIFOBIA author: COLIN WHITE & LAURIE BOUCKE isbn         978-0-9625006-4-0 media:     BOOK (260 pages, illustrated) pub:     1995 price:     $12.25    $5.00 Take a satirical romp through the modern-day madness and mayhem of Southern California at the close of the 20th Century. This book will test your sense of humor and irony, with LaLa Land (and its influence) exposed as never before. This book is certainly not for the politically correct! Topics include beauty, buses, cops, corruption, cults, endangered species, earthquakes, fads, gangs, illegal immigration, kids, lawyers, politicians, riots, shrinks and stress. Even the so-called experts keep the myth alive with ridiculous news stories such as the following (radio) scoop on the 1994 Northridge quake: "We may or may not have more earthquakes on the way. There could be more big ones, one REALLY big one or nothing for a long time . . . What we are saying is that we're in an active period of seismicity and that when you have a lot of earthquakes, you tend to have a lot of earthquakes." The work was ahead of its time, accurately predicting the hype over the "El Nino" weather pattern, the trendy child worship obsession, and much more . . .
Potpourri / Califobia
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