title: BEATING UP DADDY author: GENE DUCETTE isbn         978-1-888580-09-9 media:     BOOK (200 pages) pub:     1999 price:     $13.00   $4.00 Follow a year in the life of Gene Doucette, an amateur father who has exquisitely documented the wonder (and horror) of parenting. Whether he's on vacation, celebrating the holidays, planning a birthday party or just trying to make it to the end of the week with two live children . . . Gene manages to wrestle humor from the jaws of domestic disarray. If you are a parent now, if you plan to be a parent in the near future or if you were raised by parents, you'll find more than enough to laugh at in this riotous account of a devoted-yet-disheveled dad.
Parenting / Beating Up Daddy
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