title: BRIEF ENCOUNTERS (4th edition) author: LAURIE BOUCKE isbn         978-1-888580-34-1 media:     BOOK (910 pages) pub:     2006 price:     $58.00 A professional dictionary of approximately 64,000 conflict-free, mainly one-stroke briefs and phrases for realtime writing. It is an invaluable tool for reporters and students. The briefs are compatible with common writing theories and are easy to remember. The dictionary contains general vocabulary, as opposed to specialized terminology. It includes irregular verbs, the principal parts of all verb entries, arbitraries, punctuation, homonyms, special characters and more. Customer Comments: "I owe you and Brief Encounters another big thanks. This year (2015) at Intersteno, I was able to win the real-time world championship, and in the speed competition I was also able to move up to second fastest in the world." John Wissenbach “I can't sing your praises enough!  Your theory works well with my brain and you are my go-to source time and again. I started a four-month captioning course this past May, and no matter the subject matter, your book is with me on the journey. And I smile when you have a brief that makes my job easier!” Karen Shipley   “Your Brief Encounters is incredibly good. It makes so much sense!” Marge Teilhaber “I think this book should be required reading for every reporter. I’ve been reporting for 21 years, have my CRR and RMR, but I’d have to say I feel like I have just now ‘turned the corner’ after incorporating some of these briefs!” Jodi Harmon "I really wanted to let you know that this week several of your briefs magically appeared in my writing without any effort, and I really like them! They are so easy to write. What is so great about these outlines is that they are assimilated from just looking at this book." Lyn Lindsay Your books and CD's on briefs have given my wrists another 20-year lease on my court reporting life. Thank you!!!! Steve Kosmata    
Court Reporting / Brief Encounters
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