title: THE BASICS OF AUDIO MIXING author: H2V HOW-2 VIDEOS isbn         N/A media:     DVD, 40 minutes (NTSC players only) pub:     2005 price:     $15.00 The Basics of Audio Mixing is an audio classroom on a DVD! If you are thinking of a career as a sound engineer, or if you need someone to show you the “in’s and out’s” of mixing, then this is the DVD for you. Paul explains the workings of a 24 channel mixing console from top to bottom. Then he demonstrates actual hands on mixing techniques and finishes up with some valuable tips and tricks that any sound engineer can put to use! This is a great way to to build a strong foundation for a career in concert audio.This product is part of the “How-2” series of instructional DVDs.   About Paul Raffa: Paul originally played as a bass player in Local bands and began building systems at an early age. Paul has mixed countless hours on numerous systems from small clubs to Colorado's Red Rocks Amphitheater. He owned a prestigious sound and light company for ten years and has designed and built many systems both installed and portable. Paul is an audio consultant for various customers including a chain of theme parks. Paul is also well known for his system design work and after years of mixing 3-4 bands a night, his ability to “dial–in” a band/sound system on the fly is legendary.
Potpourri / Basics of Audio Mixing
NTSC format only (USA/Canada)
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