title: BRIEFS ENCOUNTERED (version 4) author: LAURIE BOUCKE isbn         978-1-888580-36-5 media:     CD-ROM (Windows 7 / 8 / 10) pub:     2006 price:     $75.00 A searchable computer database of over 64,000 conflict-free briefs, phrases, irregular verbs, numbers and commonly used words. It is based on the books Brief Encounters” (a dictionary of general vocabulary) and “CATegorically Speaking.” Searches can be done by English or steno as well as by words, phrases or both. Users can add their own briefs via the "My Briefs" feature and include (or exclude) these in the search database. There is also a collection of utilities and fun extras with court reporting themes, in the form of Windows wallpaper designs and Windows screen savers. NOTICE: PRIVATE RESALE White-Boucke’s Software Licensing Agreement allows a registered copy of this product to be resold one time only. Our installation database will be updated and a new customer “unlock” keycode will be issued upon payment of a license transfer fee and resale confirmation from both original seller and purchaser. Any subsequent resale will not be accepted for license transfer and no further “unlock” keycodes can be issued. Customers considering purchasing a used copy of this software are encouraged to contact us by e-mail to confirm that the copy is eligible for license transfer. User comments . . . "I owe you and Brief Encounters another big thanks. This year (2015) at Intersteno, I was able to win the real-time world championship, and in the speed competition I was also able to move up to second fastest in the world." John Wissenbach   “I can't sing your praises enough!  Your theory works well with my brain and you are my go-to source time and again. I started a four-month captioning course this past May, and no matter the subject matter, your book is with me on the journey. And I smile when you have a brief that makes my job easier!” Karen Shipley   "Briefs Encountered rocks! I couldn't work without it." Andrea Murphy   "Barely a working day passes that I don't avail myself of Briefs Encountered, usually in the "heat of battle" in the middle of testimony. Whenever I encounter a word that's giving me difficulties writing over and over, I know I can search for that term in Briefs Encountered and have my problem solved instantly. The logic of the shortcuts makes it easy to remember how to write the term. After my CAT software, I find Briefs Encountered the most valuable program on my laptop." Dennis Dinkel   “The first purchase every reporter should make after a steno machine should be Briefs Encountered.” Jerry Coash   "I've used Briefs Encountered for years. I captioned my first 'Daily Mass' and was ecstatic to find briefs for so many religious terms. The words themselves are easy to write, but they're uttered fast and often: holy, hosanna, alleluia, Jesus, sacrifice, everlasting, eucharist, apostle, etc. Thank you, you've made my job a lot easier."  Lynne Marie Zakrzewski    
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