title: A JOURNEY BETWEEN SOULS author: ELAINE EDGAR isbn         978-1-888580-00-6 media:     BOOK (180 pages, illustrated) pub:     1997 price:     $16.25   $5.00 Author Elaine Edgar traces the life of Richard Adamson, a British career soldier who, by a twist of fate, was instrumental in the discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamun, and under instructions from Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter slept in the eerie shrine over a period of seven long years. From the trenches of World War I France to points of unrest in the crumbling British Empire, security duties in the Middle East, and intelligence and air- defense duties in World War II, Richard Adamson served his country well. After decades of silence, he lectured throughout the United Kingdom on the Tutankhamun tomb discovery as the last survivor of what is described as "the find of the century." The author first met Adamson some 10 years before his death in 1982 and became a close friend and confidante. Now, following the recent discovery of Adamson's original notes and other records in a dusty attic in Scotland, this amazing true story has now been truthfully told. Extensively researched, this book is rich with historic and modern-day photographs. White-Boucke acknowledges the valuable assistance of the staff of the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, England (the official home of the Howard Carter archives) in finalizing this important work.  
Potpourri / A Journey Between Souls
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