White-Boucke was founded by Colin White and Laurie Boucke in 1989 in Glendale, California, as a part-time venture offering technical documentation services to local industry and machine stenography services to local insurance and medical concerns. They published their first commercial book "The UnDutchables" that year and it soon became a European bestseller - a status that it continues to hold. This early success enabled them to develop White-Boucke Publishing into a full-time business and thus expand both the book publishing and stenography activities. The premier road manager, Phil Kaufman, honored them with his autobiography "Road Mangler Deluxe," in 1993. This offering immediately enhanced White-Boucke’s standing in the book world by receiving excellent reviews in major US publications such as The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times and Entertainment Weekly, in addition to being a Tower Records bestseller up until the chain’s bankrupcy in 2006. The book has since been featured on radio shows countrywide, and the author has appeared on national TV (including "Donahue" and various Spike/TNN programs). The titles that followed have all been a commercial success - White-Boucke has never forced a title out of print. In 1994, White-Boucke Publishing relocated to Colorado and transitioned from a loose partnership to a formal corporation. In this capacity, the company continues to offer unique, lively works of non-fiction, often with a strong element of humor, and are also developing a series of reference works for Court Reporters - a very specialized field. The philosophy is to be highly objective in selecting subject matter, and to give each book a unique presentation: from cover design to inside layout. Consequently, very few new titles are published by White-Boucke. In 2015, White-Boucke returned to California to continue its legacy publishing business, and to develop its emerging multimedia activities through a wide range of multimedia services under the “videoflyr” (advertising/promotional creations) and “TeamCOLINDA” (video/DVD production & website design) brands. To reflect these changes, the company changed its corporate identity to “White-Boucke Productions”. To contact White-Boucke . . . . White-Boucke Productions PO Box 1463 Oakhurst, CA 93644 USA tel: (559) 641-5444 (General Inquiries) tel: (800) 382-7922 (Order Info, Software Reg. only) e-mail: inquire@white-boucke.com
Colin White, president of White- Boucke, at the company’s HQ, 2008.   
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A short history of White-Boucke Productions, and how to get them when you need them.
“Road” Mangler Deluxe” book launch. Nashville, 1993.  
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White-Boucke’s books were among the most stolen merchandise at Tower Records on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip.
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