title: PLUMP author: LINDA FRANTZEN CARLSON isbn         978-1-888580-12-9 media:     BOOK (168 pages) pub:     1999 price:     $12.50    $4.00 In addition to being White-Boucke's editor-of-choice and a freelance journalist in her "own write," Linda Frantzen Carlson is also a humanitarian who is dedicated to relieving the plight of overweight women and men. This ultra-sensitive subject is treated with a skillful combination of understanding and humor in this, Linda's first book-length work. In this slim volume, the author documents how the societal cards are stacked against those of us for whom the term "mass market" takes on a whole new meaning. A great gift for friends and relatives who occupy a large part of your life, or for those in need of bathroom-scale consolation!
Potpourri / Plump
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