title: PANNING FOR GOLD author: H2V HOW-2 VIDEOS isbn         978-1-888580-27-3 media:     DVD, 42 minutes (NTSC players only) pub:     2003 price:     $10.00 "Panning for Gold in the Colorado Rocky Mountains" is the first "How-2" video product from our neighbors at SLImedia, and a tempting activity to boot. This is a professionally produced video for all hobbyists who are searching for a low-cost, financially rewarding pastime to get involved with. If you are vacationing in California, Alaska, or in the mountains of Colorado, transform your leisure time into a profit-making activity! Features seasoned panner Steve Snellbaker with host Calvin Madison.
Potpourri / Panning for Gold
NTSC format only (USA/Canada)
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