title: LIMERICKS FROM THE HEART (AND LUNGS!) author: LANNY POFFO isbn         978-1-888580-29-7 media:     BOOK (180 pages, illustrated) pub:     2004 price:     $14.00 This book contains a selection of 335 original limericks for children. The verses share a common antismoking theme and are arranged in order of progressive audience age, starting with toddlers and continuing through the college years. Also included are a glossary of terms (particularly important for the inquiring minds of our youngest readers) and an index of names and places. The book is exquisitely illustrated with humorous black-and-white, cartoon-style drawings. Former pro-wrestler Lanny Poffo has found a new “cause for combat” near and dear to his heart and lungs–kicking cigarette butt through his antismoking limericks for children. Inspired by author and fellow children’s poet Shel Silverstein, Poffo’s limericks deliver fierce but fun messages to kids, fans and parents alike. Poffo’s pro-wrestling trademark was to throw poetry-laden frisbies out to the screaming crowds. Now he hopes to convince kids to avoid or stop smoking. His clever collection of 335 limericks provides ammo to ward off peer pressure by tying heroes, idols and legends to the nonsmoking message. In addition to grouping the limericks by target ages (toddlers through college grads), there are several topics found throughout the book, including babies, college, geography, government, health risks, Hollywood (glamorizing smoking), musicians, peer pressure, pregnancy, sports, taxing smokers, travel, and world history. Sample limerick © Lanny Poffo . . .
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